J.H. Commented:  Amazing.  If you haven't visited the Model Trains Station, you are missing a very special and memorable event.  The displays they have took a lot of work and love creating them for public enjoyment -- for children of ALL ages!  (cause we know, there is a KID in all of us!)  They need your support to make this even better!  Help them out so that this can continue YEAR ROUND!  All the dedicated people who helped design and build this wonderful exhibit have volunteered their time and talents.  Christmas is just around the corner and Santa might need to stop there as well -- He can't  warm up if there's no heat!!  You can help put this display on the South Carolina map of events!  DONATE!!!  Every dollar helps.

L.M. Commented:  I brought my 21 month old grandson, he was in awe the entire time.  He did not have a dull moment.  The volunteers were very friendly and so good to him.  I will definitely bring him back with his parents as well.

D.P. Commented:  This is learning and a time of fun.  Much love has been given to the place by train lovers.  They even have a place for the kids to learn about trains.

D. Commented:  Pleasant Surprise.  Some fine layouts of all scales plus fun scavenger hunt a winner!  Great for the whole family at a reasonable price.

C.W. Commented:  Great place to visit.  Don't miss the Model Trains Station!  We took our son during his last visit and it was a wonderful experience.  The train set-ups are beautiful, and the people who work there were knowledgeable and so willing to share their enthusiasm for trains with us.  Highly recommended!

R.T.1963 Commented:  Model trains for all ages in new location.  Model trains have a new, larger home in a former mill complex.  Under new management, family oriented displays are great for children -- try their scavenger hunts. There are several displays withe different sizes of trains.  The Christmas display was very nice with a large area for fans of Peanuts comic strip, Dickens Christmas Carol, a county fair with operating rides, an old sawmill and an industrial area in a large city.  Highly recommend this for something to do with small children as there are several trains they can run and a wooden train play table.

J.H. Commented:  Model trains lovers of all ages will love this place.  Explore model train displays actively running.  Some hands-on activities available.  Great way to spend a couple hours indoors, if you or children like trains.

T.L. Commented:  Outing with grandchildren. Enjoyed taking my grandchildren here for fun visit at Christmas time.  They enjoyed the displays.  Especially enjoyed the children's area hands-on-tables. All of the volunteers were very friendly and informative.

U92 Commented:  The train displays are wonderful!  And there are more being built!  With that comes many different gauge trains on display.  With that comes many different displays.  The detail of the displays shows the craftsmanship of those that created them originally.  Talking with some of the volunteers that have created these displays shows their heart to be able to share them with others.  Many of these were built as personal hobbies and only intended for home use, but now they are on display for all to see.  Great value!  I think it would be a huge challenge for a family to do any other activity for a lower price and have as much enjoyment!