Our group desperately needs a heating system to keep our adults and kids warm during the upcoming winter months

                                                                            PROVIDE HEAT FOR ALL VOLUNTEER NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION

                                                                         PROVIDE HEAT FOR ALL VOLUNTEER NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION


Please go to our Go Fund Me account to help us keep a reasonable temperature for our customers and our train displays:     


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GoFundMe Testimonial Page

J.H. says “If you haven't visited the "Model Train Station," you are missing a very special and memorable event. The displays they have took a lot of work and love creating them for public enjoyment---for children of ALL ages! ('cause we know, there is a KID in all of us!) They need your support to make this even better! Help them out so that this can continue 'YEAR 'ROUND!" All the dedicated people who helped design and build this wonderful exhibit have volunteered their time and talents. (Christmas is just around the corner and Santa might need to stop there as well---He can't warm up if there's no heat!!) You can help put this wonderful display on the South Carolina Map of events! DONATE!!! Every dollar helps!”

L.B. says “We love the Train Station and all they have done!”

EY says “Hayden loves the train museum!”

M.K. says “My little guy loves your display.  Y’all are doing a great job!”

A.L. says “Not much, but things are tight right now.”  --- We appreciate everybody's donation and opinions.  Thank you all.