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An update on our progress...

This is an update on our progress of building a family fun adventure site.  We will display and run G, O, S, HO and N scale trains.  A multi-purpose room will be available for birthday parties, hobby building, teaching and meetings.  Since our last update in the Spring of 2017, our name has changed.  The new name is "Model Trains Station (R)" a part of the "Mini World of Trains (R)" family, also known as "MWOT, Inc. (R)".  We remain a non profit 501(c)(3) organization.

The beginning of the adventure started for our new long term lease by obtaining both the permits from Greenville County to build our dream, and the five year lease with Taylors Mill Development.  The "Engine House" is being used as an office and train repair shop.   

We got our Certificate of Occupancy and had our Grand Opening December 14th, 2017.  We now need volunteers to help on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to greet people and sell tickets.   Also, we will need more helping hands in the future in rebuilding the remaining train displays that were taken down.    Click on the Construction Page picture to see our progress.

The donations that have been received during this time have been greatly appreciated and have allowed us to buy lumber, paint and pay the architectural fees.  We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) and all donations are tax deductible.  Remember, as a volunteer, your time, money donated, materials donated, and your mileage to and from Taylors Mill is all deductible under the IRS Non-Profit Organization guidelines.  The donations received will entitle donors to one of the following gifts in thanks for helping to fund the construction effort.

This is being discussed as we here from you when you come in.  Use our contact info under "contact us" above.  We are gathering info as to how many times you would attend and see our displays for your kids during the year.

  1. $25 donation = 
  2. $50 donation=  
  3. $100 donation = 
  4. $250 donation=
  5. $500 donation = 

Please mail donations to the address listed below. 

We also want you to be part of the adventure by volunteering now to help build platforms, paint trim, install drywall and electrical, and assist in assembling the modular displays.  There are jobs for all levels of experience.  We are forming crews within all areas of construction and each crew needs lots of helpers.

To join the adventure, CALL our main phone number:  864-605-7979

Bob Rayle  ---  Chairman          Mike Gargano  ---  Vice Chairman

Bruce Swift  ---  Treasurer          Darleen Sanford  ---  Secretary